I am excited to announce that four new recorded courses have been added to the BrodyOnline teaching series. If you want to challenge yourself to create new and fascinating letterforms, these courses are for you. My “Wrong Letter” concept will push you outside your comfort zone and into a new zone of fun, play, and experiment.

OVER THE SHOULDER – Join for Free!

I open my portfolio and share with you some of the works I have made in the last few years. You can look over my shoulder, ask questions, and hear my thoughts on how my collages, wrong letter compositions, and other works on paper are created. And of course, there are always more ideas than I can bring to completion.


Sediments. Layers. Fragments. Calling up memories, revealing hidden ideas, conjuring a work of art out of experience. This is what we do every day in the search for meaning in life. Collage is my way of channeling all this energy into my art. I do not begin with an idea or even a theme. I begin with a piece of Chinese rice paper, a brush, and a stretched piece of Rives. Matter, not mind.

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Very special performance of “A Brush with Silence.” As bombs thunder down on innocent people, 15 calligraphers will sit quietly in an exquisitely beautiful chapel in Bruges and write words of peace in 15 different scripts and languages. We will be joined by 11 calligraphers around the world, brought to our performance by Zoom link.

Free zoom session on Monday, 28 February at 8:00pm

All clothing is a social statement. So why not make it a social activity too? Here are the results of some fantastic collaborations with fellow calligraphers and students, showing the power of teamwork and the pleasure of creating art to wear. The first kimono on this virtual catwalk was created by the marvelous Veerle Missiaen and myself.

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