I am excited to announce that four new recorded courses have been added to the BrodyOnline teaching series. If you want to challenge yourself to create new and fascinating letterforms, these courses are for you. My “Wrong Letter” concept will push you outside your comfort zone and into a new zone of fun, play, and experiment. You will receive dozens of handouts and hours of videos showing every step of the process. Extra materials include recorded lectures on a range of calligraphic subjects and crit sessions of past students’ work. My courses are thorough, clear, and richly illustrated, giving you plenty of new ideas and inspirations.

In these four courses you will learn how to make them:

  • Wrong Letters Part 1: Graphic Contrast with an Automatic Pen
  • Wrong Letters Part 2: Fat and Juicy with a Pointed Brush
  • Wrong Letters Part 3: Lustrous Layered Colors
  • Wrong Letters Part 4: The Comb Pen and the Brody Pen

Welcome to my world of unique, playful, and personal letters, where every letter is wrong and every letter is right!

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