I am excited to announce that “Shaping Your Story” starts on September 5, 2022 on BrodyOnline.

The course will run for four months, giving you the chance to go deeply into your story as you create a multi-faceted artist’s book.

Week by week we will experiment with different ways of visualizing your words, mining them for meaning and using them as springboards for all sorts of calligraphic experiments.

On my blog you can see short film explaining how the course will work. “Shaping Your Story” is a four-month journey of personal discovery.

We all have questions about our ability to express our feelings and turn them into works of art. I truly believe this course will help you to do just that!

Join at https://www.brodyonline.com/courses/september-december-2022-shaping-your-story-calligraphy-and-other-artistic-approaches/