On May 7, 2022, from 18:00 to 21:00, Brussels time, we will hold a new and very special performance of “A Brush with Silence.” As bombs thunder down on innocent people, 15 calligraphers will sit quietly in an exquisitely beautiful chapel in Bruges and write words of peace in 15 different scripts and languages. We will be joined by 11 calligraphers around the world, brought to our performance by Zoom link and projected on a large screen above the altar of the chapel. Visitors to the Godelieve Chapel will see calligraphers writing in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Armenian, Cherokee, Hangul, Cyrillic, and other scripts. Our fellow calligraphers on Zoom will include two scribes live in Ukraine, as well as good friends in India, Japan, the US, the UK, Italy, Israel, and Estonia.

This is the first “Brush with Silence” with a live, international stream. You will be able to follow this beautiful, peaceful, and profoundly meaningful event on YouTube. The link can be found at www.brushwithsilence.com.

We will ask visitors to contribute to a fund to help Ukrainian refugees in Bruges. You can donate at www.brushwithsilence.com if you wish. Whatever you decide, please do join us on the livestream this coming Saturday. You will see that peace is possible, respect is possible, and the beauty of silence is possible.


Godelieve Chapel, Boeveriestraat, Bruges

Saturday, May 7, 2022, from 18:00 to 21:00, Brussels time


Veerle Missiaen                                Amharic

Goedele Soetewey                            Copperplate

Emad Ayfan                                      Arabic

Arevik d’Or                                       Armenian

Jurgen Vercaemst                           Journalling

Myriam Lievens                              Cherokee

Maggie Wang                                   Chinese

An Vanhentenrijk                           Cyrillic

Veronique Vandevoorde                Code

Jan De Smedt                                   Gothic

Joon Young                                         Hangul

Carlos González González               Spanish Rotunda

Brody Neuenschwander                  Greek

Kristof Vanhoorne                            Tifinagh

Yves Leterme                                     Cancellaresca


Nikheel Aphale                                  Devanagri                                        India

Oleksiy Chekal                                   Cyrillic                                              Ukraine

Keiko Shimoda                                  Hiragana                                           Japan

Hiral Bhagat                                      Gujarati                                             India

Sveta Sukhova                                   Cyrillic                                              Ukraine

Tatiana Iakovleva                             Cyrillic                                                Estonia

Izzy Pludwinski                                 Hebrew                                              Israel

Tashi Maddox                                    Tibetan                                              UK

Karen Ness                                          Ancient Hebrew                              USA

Shizuka Toyama                                Hiragana                                           USA

Sveta Sukhova                                    Ukrainian Skoropys                       Ukraine

Barbara Calzolari                               Copperplate                                    Italy