If I could only play the damned thing! But writing the words to this dreamy love song is second best and probably just as fun. The Concertgebouw in Bruges, in collaboration with BruggePlus, has asked a number of artists to draw and paint on ukeleles, which will be auctioned in support of the musical life of the city: www.veiling.musicfundbrugge.be And this coming Thursday, 2 March, I will be performing with Arne Deforce in the Concertgebouw as part of the B Major festival. Arne will improvise as only he can on the cello while I write, paint and throw ink on my black box with hidden camera. My inky abstractions will be projected on a vast screen and will serve as score to Arne’s playing. And vice versa. Who would have ever thought I would wind up doing jazz riffs in public? Just shows where a little training in formal calligraphy can lead if you’re not careful!