How would you like to collaborate with me on a new project? The castle of Hingene, near Antwerp in Belgium, is creating a time capsule in calligraphy. For a short time, all the wall hangings of the chateau will be taken down for restoration. The director of the castle, Koen De Vlieger, is taking this opportunity to ask the entire world (I’m not kidding) to send in messages that I will commit to eternity by writing them on the walls. So may I ask all of you to go to and send a message to the future? They will ask you to pay a tiny amount for the privilege. But just think, in 25 years the wall hangings will come down for their next cleaning, and you and your descendants can visit Belgium to read the fine words you composed for this wonderful time capsule.

Here are photos of the first room, which I completed last week. Up and down the scaffolding went the poor old knees. Every now and then I dropped my brush, so down I went to retrieve it. But I am pleased with the results and look forward to returning to the castle every few weeks to do another wall. In an earlier blog I mentioned how these old buildings seems to find me and pull me into their struggle for life. Here I am again, nose to plaster, and enjoying every stroke of the brush. Just think of how it will feel to visit the castle once all the walls are filled and covered up for a generation: one huge cache of secret texts. And Koen ain’t tellin’!!!