I would like to introduce you to the newest pen in my wonderful arsenal. I collaborated with Handwritmic (www.handwritmic.com) to develop this beautiful and extremely versatile ruling pen. The pens are hand crafted from the finest materials by craftsmen in the Biella region of Italy. The basic idea for this innovative new pen came from the German calligrapher Friedrich Poppl, but has been redesigned and vastly improved using the most advanced technology to create a tool with true Italian elegance and beauty. All the components are made in Italy using the techniques of the best Italian jewellers. The pen is gold plated, which allows it to glide smoothly across the paper. It is truly a dream to use. With one wide and one narrow side, marks of very different width are possible. The point can draw as finely as a sharply cut quill. And the splatters…..well, they are simply lip smacking. Rhythmic threads of ink fly out in beautiful arcs as the pen moves across the surface of the paper. The sound alone is hypnotizing. I am astonished at the way this one instrument can suggest (even encourage!) wild abandon and still throw out lines of elegance and grace. You all know how I swore by the cola pen. That lovely pen has finally met its match! And it even bears my signature engraved into the gleaming metal.