Since I failed to report on this project earlier, my dear readers seem to have done it for me! The Rijksbook was THE project of 2015, keeping Massimo Pollelo and me busy for at least half the year. You have already seen the videos and complained that the calligraphers are hardly mentioned at all by our illustrious client, Marcel Wanders. Thank you for your professional sympathy! Now for a bit about the project itself. Massimo and I were contacted early in 2015 to provide calligraphy for this enormous catalogue of the great 17th century paintings in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The paintings would be reproduced on a large scale and always accompanied by a full page calligraphic composition on the opposite page. Of course, the designers wanted a different style for every page, always historically tinted, always very ornate, always legible despite a spaghetti bowl of flourishes twirled around the margins. To avoid chaos, we bargained for a smaller repertoire of styles. In the following blogs you can see some of my pages. Go to Massimo’s website to see the rest.