Wrong Letters:

Lustrous Layered Colors

In this series we will take a deeper dive in our Yellow Submarine. In the last session you learned to make your own fat and juicy YS letters with a pointed brush. Now we will use a pointed pen (your choice: quill, ruling pen, copperplate pen…) to draw these luscious shapes and then fill them with color. Nuances in the bounding line, shadows and overlapping will give a sense of depth and layering. You will learn to make stunning compositions radiant with color and depth. Participation in Series 6 recommended.

This online course consists of three recorded lessons:

  • One lesson with demonstrations and an assignment for you to do in your own time.

  • The Rijksbook and other life-changing projects. A richly illustrated lecture.

  • One crit session in which I review a selection of the assignments posted by students.

Material list

  • Cola pen, ruling pen, quill, or other pointed pen
  • Chinese ink, gouache colors or watercolors
  • Brushes to apply gouache or watercolor
  • 3 sheets good quality paper with a bit of texture, weight160gm – 220gm  (Rives BFK, Fabriano 5 and Saunders Waterford are good)

Reading tip:

Have a look online at the work of artist Ed Ruscha and the psychedelic album covers of the 1960s and 70s.