Finding Inspiration in Non-Latin Scripts, Part 2

Magical words: ancient Chinese seal script! Have you ever looked at these wonderful characters closely? How are they constructed? Can they teach us new ways to shape and arrange Latin letters? Can words become images again? The answer is a resounding “Yes”! We will look at the construction of seal script characters and apply what we learn to Latin letters. This is a fantastic course for anyone interested in putting our alphabet together in new ways. If you have wondered how to create new textures and a different kind of flow from one letter to the next, this is the course for you. Series 1 and Series 2 together form a very good introduction to my way of teaching calligraphy. They are recommended (but not required) for anyone planning to take Series 3 – 8.

This online course will consist of three Zoom sessions:

  • One live lesson with demonstrations and an assignment for you to do in your own time.

  • One live illustrated lecture on my work on paper and canvas, with Q&A.
  • One live crit session in which I will review a selection of the assignments posted by students, with Q&A.

* Sessions will be recorded and made available to students until June 19.

Material list

  • Cola can pen or ruling pen

  • Sumi ink

  • 3 sheets good quality paper with a bit of texture, weight160gm – 220gm  (Rives BFK, Fabriano 5 and Saunders Waterford are good)

* HANDOUTS will be sent a few days before the series begins.

Reading tip:

“China: Empire of Living Symbols” by Cecilia Lindqvist or any text on the origins of Chinese calligraphy.

Dates & time

  • April 5, 12, 19 2021
  • 8:00pm Brussels time
  • 2:00pm NY time

  • 4:00am next day Sydney time

* Sessions last approximately 2 hours

Closed for enrollment!
Closed for enrollment!