July 13, 2014

Earlier this year Igor De Baecke and I produced a film for Psallentes, a choir specializing in Gregorian chant. It served both as backdrop to a concert and as the score from which the singers read as they sang. A full eighty minutes of film with a double function.
Here is a still from the film, in which my hands piece together a collage book on the theme of the Trinity. This gave me the chance to dig around in my sketchbooks, which are piled high on my desk, and show some favorite images collected over the years. A postcard from Chalons-en-Champagne on the left, an Egyptian mask superimposed on the phases of the moon, the medieval manuscript for the singers to read from.
I increasingly trust my intuition in these things, not thinking through the pairings. And yet the work, they gather meaning. As Heidegger said, “Thing gathers world”.

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